What is ask your council?

Ask Your Council is aimed at improving information accessibility and citizen engagement using conversational interfaces like Google Home and Telegram

What is the problem?

Local governments provide lot of services to its community. With that comes a deluge of information in the form of links, pages and apps. Even for a tech savvy user, the amount of information on government portals can be overwhelming. Given that, how can citizens find information if they have difficulty seeing a computer screen, strain to hear sound, or struggle to use a keyboard? Also, how can we provide relevant information with a personal touch? Introducing a personal council assistant , Ask Your Council. Users can talk to their Digital Council Assistants to avail Council services like bin dates, report issues and provide feedback. To benefit different type of disabled users, we have built the functionalities inside interfaces (Google Home) that support voice and chat interfaces (Telegram).

Our team – Banana Exchange

What technology we used?

Google Home

  • Api.Ai
  • Node.js
  • Google maps for Node js
  • Firebase



  • Telegram API
  • Python

Data sets

Casey Council, VIC Kinder locations
Casey Council, VIC Garbage zones
Casey Council, Library
Casey Council website

Final Result

Demo video showing Google Home and Telegram

Thank You